Zagga - Team Mascot

Trail Dog and all around best friend

The 2014 Team​

Ryan "Pasta Piccolo" Simonovich

Senior, Scotts Valley High School


​I live and breath bikes. I dream about riding everday and can proudly say that I do, in fact ride bikes everyday. Whether it is a long cross country ride or pinning laps at Northstar, I can't say that there is a bad type of bike ride. My love for the sport extents far from riding. I love documenting my riding with my GoPro and sharing edits on the web. I also love building my own trails and riding them. There is nothing like picking up a shovel and spending some quality time in the forest on a crisp afternoon. My goals for this season are really quite season. Podium at every Norcal League race and podium at every CCCX downhill race. SCMCT provides great resources for a young, ambitious athlete like my self, and I am going to use the time on the trails this year to have fun and become a better biker.

Mitchell Pisciotta
Senior, Scotts Valley High School

I am just a big kid. I like messing around with friends doing things that most kids my age would've stopped doing in 5th grade. Pulling kids behind go karts, riding skateboards down hills, Nerf wars, you name it. That’s also why I was drawn to mountain biking. I thrive outdoors, love a good rush, and am a better endurance athlete. If I could describe my riding style, the trail shakes in fear when it hears me coming down the trail.

Dylan "Kamakaze Pilot" Arndt
Junior, San Lorenzo Valley High School

​I ride bikes because it is a way for me to get away from things, I ride them to get better at the sport and so I can go out and just do what I like to do. This is my second year on the team and I have to say its hard work but the result is totally worth it. My friends call me the kamikaze pilot because I will try anything and not really think about it...

Joe Van Pykeren
Senior, San Lorenzo Valley High School

I ride my bike because it keeps me in shape and I love to.

Ben "Lil Bean" Slaughter
Senior, San Lorenzo Valley High School

Mountain biking is what I love to do. I like pretty much anything with wheels. If I'm not riding my bike I'll be working on it.
I like to ride my bike because there's always a challenge and always something to do with it.

Alex Sierant

Senior Scotts Valley High School

Casey Cunningham

Junior San Lorenzo Valley High School

Gabe Wooden

Junior San Lorenzo Valley High School

Gabe Firpo-Triplet

Junior San Lorenzo Valley High School

Isaac Wallen

Junior San Lorenzo Valley High School

Max Bauerle

Junior San Lorenzo Valley High School

Thomas Hogye

Freshman San Lorenzo Valley High School

Coach,  Andrew  "Schwillbo Baggins" Cavaletto
Graduated University of Phoenix in Business

Head Coach and Scotts Valley Cycle Sport owner.  Andrew won a bid to race downhill on the U.S. National Team at the final round of the 2009 Nissan UCI World Cup in Schladming, Austria.

Team Director/Coach, Steve "Pastaman" Simonovich
I have always loved to bike.   I like the team because of the exercise and the kids keep me young!
@danrarndt, #BooneVision
Team Webmaster, Dan Arndt
I love biking. It is something I will be able to do my entire life and enjoy with my family and friends.
Nicky DiNapoli

​Coach (Former Team Rider)

I enjoy mountain biking because of how fun and technical it can be.  Riding down a super rough trail while trying to find the fastest, smoothest line is what makes it fun for me.  Being on this team has really helped my fitness and has made me a better all-around rider.  Having great coaches and teammates that make you push as hard as you can gives you the drive to do your best.  Being on this team has been an awesome experience!

Coach, Graham Dittman


Coach, Skylar Dittman